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How It Started

In 2018, Morlen Kennels was born out of a simple necessity: the need for quality grooming for our beloved Bernedoodles. As breeders, we, Michael Allen and Justin Morgan, encountered a challenge — the lack of local grooming services for our growing family of Poodles. This led to a pair of clippers in hand and a leap into the world of grooming.

Our journey took a significant turn when we built a facility in 2021, initially meant to house our breeding dogs. Recognizing a gap in the market for boarding and grooming, especially for larger breeds, we opened our doors to the public. The community’s response was overwhelming, and by 2023, we pivoted entirely to specialize in these services.

Morlen, a blend of our founders’ surnames, embodies a partnership dedicated to the care of dogs, big and small. Though Justin pursued other interests as our path led away from breeding, the ethos of Morlen Kennels remains.

Navigating the intricacies of grooming and boarding, we learned on our feet, facing every challenge head-on. A pivotal moment was our collaboration with Christy from Dawghouse Delight. Her expertise, alongside her trusted groomers and loyal clients, propelled Morlen Kennels into a new chapter.

Today, Morlen Kennels stands as a testament to dedication, learning, and the love of dogs. Owned and led by Michael Allen, we’re proud to offer a haven for grooming and boarding, with a focus on safety, service, and the care of breeds often overlooked by others.

Allen family, co-owners of Morlen Kennels

The Allens

Morgan family, co-owners of Morlen kennels

The Morgans